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Addiction is a complex, chronic condition that has long-lasting effects on the body and brain. With the assistance of this directory, which lists various Drug Treatment Centers in Orlando, you will be better able to choose a treatment center that fits your needs. Compulsive drug-seeking behavior is a hallmark symptom of drug addiction, and addicted people will continue to use drugs despite the harmful effects of their behavior.

Without the guidance from the multiple drug rehab programs in Orlando, people with a drug addiction face dangerous health problems and difficulties in their personal relationships. Whether substance abuse began for the relief of social anxiety, the peer pressure of friends or as self-treatment for the pain of a mental health disorder, the caring staff of various drug treatment facilities in Orlando are committed to helping you through the process of recovery so that you can start living the life you deserve. There is support available for you (877) 804-1531

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Orlando

About Orlando, Florida

Orlando is a popular tourist destination for people throughout the world. For those that live in the area, Orlando is more than simply a place to visit a theme park and leave. Many residents in Orlando struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol and need recovery programs in order to break free from the addiction that has taken over. If you live in Orlando, one of the addiction treatment facilities in the area is available to help you find sobriety and work on your recovery.

Life is hard when you are living with addiction, and treatment centers for addiction throughout Orlando understand that you want your life back. If you dream of a future but you aren't sure where to turn, it's time to find the right type of treatment to get back on track to living a successful, productive life.

Types of Addiction Treatment in Orlando

Addiction treatment is a process. The stage of treatment you are in will help determine what type of program is right for you at this time. In addition, your home environment will be considered, and your ability to live successfully as a newly sober individual once drug detox is complete. If you need supervised detox, residential treatment or other aftercare options, there is a drug addiction treatment program in Orlando and the surrounding area that can meet your needs.

Treatment centers for addiction fall under a number of categories that include:

•   Supervised Detox Treatment: Supervised detox is 24-hour care while you withdraw from the substances you are addicted to. While treatment times vary depending on how heavily you are addicted and the substances you are addicted to, you can expect to stay in a supervised detox addiction treatment facility anywhere from several days to a week or more. It is safer to withdraw from alcohol or drugs with the support of a supervised detox, as withdrawing while at home is dangerous.

•   Residential Treatment Short-term: Residential treatment for drug addiction means that you live at the facility for roughly 3-6 weeks while you go through intensive treatment to learn about addiction and ways to maintain sobriety. Many people go from detox to a short-term treatment program as a way to ease back into the community after becoming sober. In a short-term treatment program, you will begin to learn the basics of 12-step treatment methodology, meet others who are in recovery and begin the process of learning how to live without drugs or alcohol.

•   Residential Treatment that is Long-term: Long-term residential treatment is a program where you will stay up to a year in order to build a foundation of recovery. You'll live with other people going through treatment, and you'll be expected to fully participate in all treatment activities. You will work with a counselor and attend groups within the facility. Long-term residential treatment is best for those who are afraid to return home and are at a high risk of relapse if they return to their living environment.

•   Treatment Programs for Outpatient Care: It is possible to receive intensive rehabilitative treatment yet go home each night when you seek treatment on an outpatient basis. This type of treatment is great for individuals who have a strong support network at home but need to learn more about maintaining sobriety.

Addiction Treatment Beyond Residential Programs

Addiction treatment can be found in a variety of settings that go beyond residential treatment programs specifically. You can start working with a counselor in individual therapy, whether you are in a treatment program or you have returned home.

To find a therapist that will help you with your addiction and recovery, it's important to do some research and locate a therapist who has experience with recovery issues. You'll want to locate an individual therapist so that you will have a neutral person to talk to about all the issues that may come up now that you are dealing with your addiction. While your friends and family members may be a good support to you, an individual therapist provides a therapeutic voice in your recovery. As you grow stronger in recovery, your therapist will be able to help you along the way and monitor your overall progress.

Group Counseling and Addiction Support Groups

While in recovery, you may choose to go to group counseling that is run by a professional therapist. In this type of environment, you will receive therapeutic services under the supervision of a licensed therapist. If you are interested in meeting others who are in addiction treatment, this may be a good way for you to ease into a discussion. Group counseling is different that peer support groups such as 12-step groups. Both can offer you the chance to discuss addiction, to learn more about the recovery process, and to meet others who are going through a similar process.

Relapse Prevention is Ongoing with Addiction Recovery

Recovering from an addiction is a process that will go on for years, if not a lifetime. In the beginning, you'll go through detox and learn the basics of relapse prevention. As you move forward in the recovery process, you'll start to learn about the prevention strategies that work for you and those that aren't so helpful. Most people benefit from relapse prevention strategies that include:

•   Finding others who are working on addiction and relapse prevention as a way to build up a support network.

•   Learning new ways to manage stress, such as yoga, meditation, writing in a journal or developing a healthy eating plan.

•   Finding a new hobby that can be enjoyed to focus on other things besides drugs or alcohol.

•   Going to support groups out in the community such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous

Relapse prevention strategies can take on almost any form, as long as it promotes positive behavior, healing, and recovery. It is good to learn a number of coping skills so that you have a variety of options when you are feeling down or stressed out. The various Drug Treatment Centers in Orlando can help you create a relapse prevention plan that works for you. While relapse is often part of the recovery process, it's useful to always look for new ways to avoid a relapse in the first place. When you work with a counselor for individual therapy, together you can work on finding new relapse prevention strategies that work for you.

If a Relapse Occurs While You Are in Recovery

While it is discouraging to relapse while in the process of recovering from addiction, you have to remember that this is part of the journey. Many people relapse, especially during the early stages trying to battle an addiction. If a relapse occurs, it is important that you find an addiction treatment program that will help you get back your sobriety. Relapse is expected, and the faster you can get back to your recovery, the better you are going to feel overall. A relapse doesn't mean your journey is over, it simply means that you need to find other forms of treatment that are more effective for you. Relapses are expected and you can't continually beat yourself up over a relapse. Get back to the hard work of recovery and don't throw everything away just because you had a short relapse.

Addiction treatment means learning about your strengths and building upon them. As a newly sober person, you will discover things about yourself that you never knew. You may discover a hidden talent that you weren't able to focus on because of your substance abuse. When you make the commitment to get substance abuse addiction treatment, you will see how your life can change in a wide variety of ways. Your life is going to improve once you get the treatment you need and Drug Treatment Centers Orlando can help you get there.

Is it Time for Addiction Treatment?

If you are even thinking about going to an addiction treatment facility, chances are high that it is the right time for you to find a program. One of the Drug Treatment Centers in Orlando can offer a treatment program just for you. While you may be nervous because you are worried about what others are going to think, it is likely that those individuals who are close to you know that you have an addiction of some sort. If you don't feel in control of your life and you are tired of living with your addiction, you can get help to get out from under the control drugs or alcohol has on your life.

When you decide to get treatment for your addiction, don't let anything stand in your way. It is time for you to begin treatment for an addiction if:

•   You have tried to stop on your own but you have been unsuccessful

•   You are in legal trouble because of your addiction

•   You are no longer able to control your behavior

•   You are always thinking of the next time you can use the substance 

•   You no longer hang out with old friends, groups or go to family parties because you are busy abusing substances instead

•   You experience withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop on your own

•   You have lost a job or relationship because of substances

As you think about going to addiction treatment in Orlando, look at how drugs or alcohol have impacted your life so far. When you don't want to wait anymore for your healthy, vibrant life to begin, it's time to find a treatment program that is right for you. Recovery is waiting, but you have to make the decision to become free from the addiction that is currently ruling your life.

Addiction Treatment Programs to Consider in Orlando

You will hear all kinds of descriptions when it comes to treatment programs in Orlando. Dual diagnosis programs offer treatment for people who are diagnosed with addiction and an underlying mental health diagnosis. Dual-diagnosis programs allow clients to focus on both mental health needs and addiction at the same time. A number of Drug Treatment Centers in Orlando can help, all you have to do is call today.

Other types of treatment include inpatient or outpatient treatment. In inpatient treatment, you will live at the facility and have care 24 hours a day. If you attend an outpatient treatment program, you will return home each night while going to groups and meeting with a counselor during the day. You might hear the phrase holistic treatment, which looks at ways to reduce stress and promote wellness through alternative therapies such as acupuncture, meditation, healthy eating, exercise and more.

If it's time for you to attend detox, you'll hear about medically-assisted detox, which provides you with the medication you need during your withdrawal so that symptoms aren't as difficult to manage. Supervision during detox is the safest way to withdraw from drugs or alcohol and keep you out of danger.

While you are in a recovery program, there are different types of treatment that will be available to you. Many drug abuse treatment facilities in Orlando provide information about 12-step programs, as this is often the most accessible support and treatment when you are back out in the community. You will learn about 12-step programs and why they are so successful for many individuals.

You may work with a therapist who provides Cognitive Behavior Therapy. CBT is a therapy that is designed to change negative thought patterns that lead to destructive behavior into more positive, healthy thoughts and actions. For example, an individual struggling with addiction might state "I'll never get away from drugs. This is going to take forever". A CBT therapist will point out that this statement is self-defeating and could be worded another way. A CBT approach to the same statement might be, "It's hard to get away from drugs but it is a process I can complete."

At first, changing statements so that they are more positive will feel forced. Over time, this habit can lead to more positive behaviors and make it easier to deal with addiction. CBT therapy is used in a wide variety of settings and can help a person who is feeling overwhelmed in life break down their feelings into manageable pieces.

Detox is usually the toughest part of addiction treatment physically. Once withdrawal is complete, it becomes necessary to work on the emotional side of addiction. At many of the available drug treatment centers in Orlando, you will begin a 30, 60 or 90-day treatment program once detox is complete so that you can begin learning more about addiction and recovery.

Your Individualized Treatment Plan and Recovery Process

As you go through addiction treatment in Orlando, you will develop an individualized treatment plan to follow during the process. You will work closely with a counselor to address your specific treatment needs. How serious your addiction is, how safe your home environment is, and your level of commitment to the process will all help determine the specifics of your treatment plan.

If you need a program that is only for your gender, you can find a drug rehab in Orlando that can meet this criterion. If you need medically-assisted detox, programs for drug detox in Orlando can provide this service. The goal of drug and alcohol treatment is to make you feel comfortable and give you what you need in order to break free from addiction. Some people do better in a treatment program for one gender, as they feel more comfortable in such a setting.

While you are in treatment, remember that your individualized treatment plan is a plan for you and that you can make changes to it with the help of a counselor. If a treatment is not working for you, speak with your counselor about your options and what you can do to change your treatment plan.

Why Withdrawal is So Dangerous at Home

Withdrawing from substances goes beyond discomfort for many people. Withdrawal can cause symptoms that are very difficult to manage, and many people relapse as a way to stop the symptoms from occurring. If you try to withdraw at home, your symptoms can go from mild to severe very quickly. You could find yourself in physical danger and be unable to get the help you need to stop the withdrawal process. At a medically-assisted detox, you will be supervised for dangerous withdrawal symptoms and get medical treatment as necessary to get you through the process.

Many people are surprised to learn that one of the hardest substances to detox from is alcohol. Shakiness, confusion, and mild irritation can be the first signs of withdrawal from alcohol, but these symptoms can quickly go into delirium tremens, seizures, and lead to death if untreated. It is never safe to withdraw from substances at home and professional treatment is necessary.

Withdrawal symptoms from alcohol can begin less than 8 hours after the last drink. This is how some people who are addicted to alcohol go to sleep intoxicated and wake up shaking. In order to stop the shaking, alcohol is consumed. It is hard to be addicted to alcohol, as you can wake up with serious withdrawal symptoms first thing in the morning.

Alcohol addiction treatment in Orlando, Florida can help you overcome an addiction to alcohol. If you find yourself needing to drink in the morning because of withdrawal symptoms, it's time to get the help you deserve.

For people withdrawing from heroin or prescription opioids, withdrawal often feels like having the flu. This can last for a few days but can be so difficult to manage that relapse is likely if you are at home alone. Cocaine withdrawal can cause anxiety, restlessness or depression for a couple of weeks, while benzodiazepine withdrawal can cause people to have severe anxiety or seizures for up to several months.

Drugs and alcohol change the brain chemistry of the person using the substance. The longer a substance is abused, the harder it is to get sober. While anyone can find a path to sobriety, the withdrawal period will be harder for some people. Factors that are taken into consideration when considering the severity of a withdrawal include:

  • How long the individual has been addicted to the substance
  • What the substance is
  • How much of the substance is abused
  • The route in which the substance enters the body, i.e.: snorting, injection, smoking

Accessibility of alcohol is a big problem for many individuals. It's a legal substance, and it is much harder for people to recognize that they are abusing alcohol than with any other substance because it's legal. People drink socially all the time, and the line between social drinking and alcoholism is often thin. If your life is controlled by your drinking, if you make bad decisions because of alcohol, it's time to consider whether you need treatment for addiction to alcohol or not.

Choosing an Addiction Treatment Facility

Once you make the decision to go to a substance abuse treatment facility, it's time to find a treatment program that is right for you. There are a number of factors to think about, and you'll want to do your research before choosing a program for addiction treatment. As you look at the different substance abuse treatment programs throughout Orlando, consider the following:

  • Whether the program is covered by your health insurance or if you can pay cash for treatment
  • How long the program is and how close it is to your home
  • What the visitation schedule is like and whether you can live with the set schedule
  • If the program offers any amenities to patients such as a workout area, meditation room
  • How successful the treatment program has been for others
  • What the rules are of the facility as a whole
  • How long you can expect to be in the program

Overcome Your Fear and Begin Addiction Treatment Today

It is no longer time to wait to get treatment for your addiction. Your life is at risk when you keep abusing substances. Each time you abuse drugs, you are taking the risk that you are going to overdose. Your family and friends know that something is going on with you, and they are hoping that you get the treatment you deserve so you can enjoy the fun in life once again.

The choice to go to addiction treatment is yours. While you may fear losing a job, or care about what others think because of your addiction, eventually people are going to find out anyway. Addiction to substances does not get easier over time. The more you abuse substances, the more you will see your life spiral out of control. There is treatment in Orlando that is ready to give you your life back.

Most people wait too long to get treatment for their substance abuse. If you are thinking about getting treatment, it's time to consider the programs out there for you to heal. If you are addicted to heroin, prescription opiates, alcohol, cocaine or other drugs, you can get help for your addiction in Orlando and the surrounding area.

The Beginning of Substance Abuse Issues

No one starts out wanting to get addicted to substances. Some people become addicted to opiates after a surgery and pain medication is necessary. Others start off drinking socially and that drinking gets out of control. Some people have a simple curiosity about getting high, while others are pressured by friends to just try it.

As tolerance to a substance builds up, more is needed in order to produce the same effect. As more is used, it becomes easier to abuse a substance. Many overdoses occur because the individual has such a high tolerance to the substance that they take a lethal dose just to get high. Once tolerance levels are extreme, the person is now addicted to the substance.

Learning Relapse Prevention for Continued Wellness

Relapse prevention is at the heart of any addiction recovery program. The more ways you can learn to prevent a relapse, the easier your recovery path is going to be. You will learn to take each day as it comes, and you will learn tools that help reduce your stress levels so that you don't turn to substances for relief. This directory service of Drug Treatment Centers in Orlando can help you narrow down your choice when looking for a treatment center.

As you heal from your addiction, the recovery process will get easier. You will find that you enjoy activities more and you aren't as afraid to relapse as you once were. As you work on your recovery program, you will meet others who are on the same path that you are. The individuals you meet will become a strong support network for you and give you the care you need when you are feeling low.

Build a Strong Support Network

When you attend 12-step groups, you will learn the importance of talking about your addiction and what led to your substance abuse. In the beginning, you will probably sit and just listen to the stories of others. You will soon discover that many people have a similar past, and there is nothing for you to be ashamed of. When you find people that are interesting to you, don't be afraid to exchange contact information. 12-step recovery programs believe strongly in peer support, and you will be expected to exchange numbers with others in the program.

Over time, you may be asked to share your story. While you never have to speak if you don't want to, your recovery will be helped if you begin to share your story with others. As you talk about the problems that led to your addiction, you will break free from your past and begin to realize that you can move forward with your newly found sobriety. Listen to the stories of others who share during meetings and don't be afraid to speak up when it's your turn.

Drug addiction treatment is the right path if you are living a life of addiction and don't want to be controlled by substances any longer. Orlando is full of many substance abuse treatment programs that can meet your treatment needs. As you continue along with your addiction, you are causing further damage to your body. You can get your life back, but you have to decide that addiction treatment is right for you. One of the Drug Treatment Centers in Orlando that you decide to choose from this list can be a major benefit in your life.

When you enter an addiction treatment program, you will discover a professional atmosphere that is conducive to healing. You will have staff that you can talk to and you will have the supervision necessary if you are going through withdrawals. You will be expected to attend group sessions and meet with a counselor to develop a treatment plan.

While you are in a recovery program, pay attention and don't be afraid to ask questions. As you grow in your recovery, be as honest as you can in your interactions. If you are ashamed of your past, try to share your experiences anyway. Even when you think you have nothing to add, your story may be the story another person needs to hear that day.

Recovery from addiction can happen, no matter how long you have been abusing substances. Even if you have been drinking for decades, you can turn your life around. The selection of Drug Treatment Centers in Orlando have programs and counseling services that can help you regain control of your life. When you want to live your best life, this is not going to happen if you are dealing with substance abuse issues. Over time, you will cause problems to your physical health that will be almost impossible to overcome if you don't stop abusing substances. 

With the drug addiction treatment options available to you in Orlando, it's time to stop abusing substance and start living the life you have dreamed about. You have family and friends that love you and want to see you get better from your addiction. Even if you don't think people know you are addicted to substances, they probably do. It is very hard to hide an addiction, especially one that has gone on a long time.

Get Help Today

Whether you are addicted to alcohol, prescription drugs or illicit drugs, you can get help. Treatment options include supervised detox, short-term treatment, long-term treatment and aftercare programs. You can also choose to go to a sober living program where you share living space with others who aren't ready to return home but want to live out in the community.

When you begin the recovery process, you will see the vast network of treatment programs and support that are available to you. If you feel alone in your addiction, this is only because you have not reached out for help yet. The recovery community is accepting and is ready to help you begin your journey of sobriety. You will get the support you need as you begin this exciting journey into a healthier life. Use this directory of Drug Treatment Centers in Orlando to help you choose the right facility for your recovery.

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