Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Programs in Orlando FL

People who are addicted to alcohol or drugs, or people who frequently abuse those substances often need professional help to quit. Drug addiction rehab centers are facilities that are dedicated to providing such help. Most drug addiction rehab facilities offer residential and outpatient programs to addicts and alcoholics. Residential treatment is the most effective way to get addicts off drugs.

What is an Addiction?

Most medical experts would define an addiction as a desire to take drugs even when the person knows that doing so is causing him or her harm. As such, it may be deemed a psychological disorder. It is unclear whether people are predisposed to addiction, although there is evidence that genetic factors contribute in some cases.

Nearly all addicts take excessive amounts of drugs over extended time periods. By the time addicts seek treatment, they will usually be taking drugs several times each and every day, and have been doing so for years. They will now have a dependency on one or more drugs, making it even more difficult for them to quit.

The numbers of people affected are not precisely known, since statistical data is confined to those who seek help. In Orlando, 4,281 people registered for addiction treatment in 2012. This figure was lower than the previous year. However, Orlando has a huge transient population, with tens of thousands working in the tourist industry. It is inevitable that many people with addictions in Orlando will prefer to seek treatment closer to their home towns.

Types of Dependencies

There are many different kinds of addiction. People can be addicted to gambling, smoking, or to eating, for example. The highest addiction levels are to substances, with alcohol, opioids, anti-depressants, tranquilizers, stimulants and marijuana making up the bulk of these substances.

Addicts can develop both mental and physical dependency on drugs. Mental dependency on a drug occurs when people are convinced that they need to take the drug to perform even the most mundane tasks. Physical dependency arises due to the changes that occur within the brain and the body when drugs are taken. Because of the changes, the body needs a constant supply of the drug to function.

Once addicts are clean of drugs, they will need continuing drug addiction rehab to help them stay that way. Since that kind of aftercare treatment can continue for many years, it is not practical to do it on a residential basis, so drug rehab outpatient programs are provided. Reformed addicts will encounter many situations where they will feel intense pressure to relapse. Post-detox drug rehab is there to help them resist that pressure.


As the first stage in recovery, addicts must stop taking the drug to which they are addicted. Nearly all will experience withdrawal symptoms that can be excruciating. Drug treatment centers in Orlando FL can provide medical detox in residential units to alleviate the pain and trauma of withdrawal.

Residential drug and alcohol rehab programs are best because the addict will be monitored day and night, and medical staff can alter the medication provided as necessary. Aftercare is normally conducted on an outpatient basis. Addicts will need ongoing help and support long after they have quit taking the addictive drug.

Rehab centers provide a whole range of treatments for people with drug or alcohol problems. Patients can opt for residential treatment, which is the best option for getting off addictive substances. They will be offered medical detoxification and be continually monitored. Thereafter, they can offer numerous beneficial treatment programs.

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