Drug/Alcohol Addiction Recovery Programs in Orlando FL

Many people who have addictions to alcohol or drugs developed those dependencies without consciously doing so. When first questioned in recovery programs, many addicts will be unable to give any logical explanation as to why they started abusing substances. Treatment therapists will try to get the addict to understand what triggered his or her addiction in the first place. Rehab recovery programs will try to make patients realize that drugs or alcohol are not the answer to any problems.

Recovery programs are not set in stone, and need to be customized for each individual. Treatment and rehab specialists will use recognized therapeutic methods to bring an addict to a level of self-awareness about the addiction that he or she suffers from. They will try to get the addict to accept responsibility for the addiction, and to instill a commitment to change. To find out more about getting help finding treatment facilities to choose from, call Drug Treatment Centers Orlando, at (877) 804-1531.

Types of Therapy

The first step in all drug addiction treatment is to persuade the addict to give up taking whatever he or she is addicted to. Some treatment programs will insist on total and immediate abstinence the moment the program begins. Others will wean addicts off the addictive substance by a gradual reduction in the amount taken.

This part of addiction treatment is the shortest but most intense part. Addicts will go into withdrawal once they stop taking the drug or alcohol. To ease the trauma during the most critical phase of withdrawal, most will opt for medical detox. Addicts may be given some therapy during this phase, but the real therapeutic work begins when the addict is sober or free of drugs.

The ways in which therapeutic programs are delivered may vary from one person to the next. Every individual is different, and professional therapists will be able to tailor treatments to cater for each person's ability and preferences.

One of the most critical parts of rehab recovery programs is arming addicts with defensive weapons they can deploy to help them stay clean when relapse temptations are at their highest. That is why great emphasis is placed on showing addicts how they can help themselves. They will be encouraged to experiment to find what relaxes them, and what makes them feel stronger and more in command. Some of the things they may be encouraged to try include:

Restorative Yoga

This ancient practice is fantastic at bringing about a state of complete peace of mind. It can be done at any time as a solo exercise, or people can attend organized yoga group sessions. The combination of flexing and relaxing muscles with controlled breathing induces a wonderful sense of relaxation. Addicts may be introduced to yoga during their rehab program.


This is another excellent therapy for making people feel relaxed. Addicts may be taught meditation techniques, and they can use them thereafter.

Creative Therapies

These can involve participation in certain arts and crafts, or just learning to appreciate them. Creative hobbies like painting or making pottery are very relaxing. Some people may like to write fiction or poetry. Listening to music is another wonderful way to feel at ease, and addicts can be encouraged to discover what they like best. They may even want to try producing their own music.

Addicts can undertake these therapies in combination with more formal ones like the 12-steps program, SMART or Moral Reconation Therapy.

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