Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs in Orlando FL

Alcohol ranks second only to the opioid family of drugs when it comes to substances which cause the most problems with addiction. The number of people who drink is rising, and sales of alcohol continue to increase. That means even more people are in need of rehab.

Rehab treatment is available. Florida alcohol rehab programs focus on addressing the physical and mental aspects of addiction, as well as helping patients to maintain their sobriety once they complete treatment.

They provide patients with counseling and therapy sessions that are designed to reinforce the dangers of alcohol abuse, to teach them self-awareness so that they can understand why they abuse alcohol, to teach them methods and techniques for combating the desire to drink, and to educate them about the resources available to them.

Alcohol Abuse

There is no exact definition of what constitutes an alcoholic. For some medics, a person must have developed a dependency before he or she can be categorized as an alcoholic. Others would claim that people who drink almost daily are alcoholics. Even if many of those who abuse alcohol would not necessarily be considered alcoholics by some medical experts, they fall into the high risk category of developing the disease, and could benefit from alcoholism treatment.

Just as there is no exact definition of what an alcoholic is, there is no precise definition of abuse. In its broadest sense, it simply means drinking to a level that causes physical impairment. However, some addiction experts would consider drinking regularly as a form of abuse.

Developing a Dependency on Alcohol

Most people who regularly drink will develop a dependency if they persist with their drinking habits for many years. A small percentage of drinkers can develop a dependency very quickly, even after just a few months. Dependency occurs due to physical or chemical changes within the body. People who feel cravings for alcohol drinks have most likely developed a dependency. Another sign of possible dependency is if a person feels jittery or uncomfortable, and has to take a drink to feel normal.

In the early days of dependency, most people will be able to resist the inevitable craving for alcohol. The craving will pass quickly, and have little effect on how they conduct their lives. However, unless people seek treatment, the cravings will grow in intensity and duration, and people will find themselves yielding to them. The volume of alcohol consumed will increase, and people will start drinking at all times of the day and night.

One of the most widely recognized dangers is driving under the influence. Pedestrians with alcohol are also at higher risk of being involved in accident. Last year, more then 88,000 deaths were attributed to alcohol. Over 10,000 people who were killed on the roads tested positive for alcohol.

Alcohol Rehab Treatment

The physical and chemical changes in the body come about because the body adjusts its internal workings to cope with the alcohol. If the intake of alcohol is cut off, the body has to adjust again to cope without it. That creates extreme stress, and that is why people should seek professional help.

At rehab centers, patients are offered residential medical detoxification, which is the safest way to withdraw from alcohol. They are also offered a wide range of rehab treatment and relapse prevention programs.

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