Molly Abuse Rates Rise in Orlando

Addiction is a disease fueled by the chronic use of mind altering chemical substances. Orlando authorities are concerned and Drug Treatment Centers Orlando concur that a strong user base for the synthetic drug Molly (MDMA) has recently developed in the area. The uptick in abuse of this drug is evidenced by more arrests, hospital visits and admissions to drug treatment centers. One of the problems with this new trend is adulteration. The product being sold as Molly today is mostly a combination of MDMA and other noxious substances.

Treatment centers are aware that interventions for these new drug blends must be customized. Although there are no pharmacological remedies for dependence on MDMA they provide cognitive behavioral interventions augmented by other holistic remedies that are designed to support recovery and long term sobriety. The integrative approach taken at rehabs has been successful in designing rehabilitation programs to effectively treat dependence on these drug blends.

What is Molly?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse describes Molly (MDMA) as a synthetic chemical compound with energizing and psychoactive effects. Molly is both a stimulant and psychedelic substance capable of distorting perceptions and heightening tactile experiences. MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine) is typically referenced as "Molly" or "Mandy" on the street. Most users believe that Molly is the pure form of MDMA with no adulterants added to it. However, in its pure form MDMA is difficult to bind and therefore comes as a white crystalline powder. Any presence of different particle shapes or colors may indicate that MDMA is laced with an adulterant.

Effects of Molly

Molly is an extremely potent drug that can be lethal if consumed with other substances. The more this drug is used the higher tolerance levels will become. And, as tolerance levels build, substance abusers tend to increase the dosage in order to get the same effect which can result in a drug overdose. Molly overdose can cause seizures, confusion, anxiety, increased body temperatures and severe dehydration. When this drug is combined with other substances like alcohol the combination can become a deadly mix. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, serious health risks associated with this drug include body overheating at dangerous level, high blood pressure, kidney and heart failure.

The subculture in which drugs like Molly are used create unique issues. However, the good news is that addiction to Molly is treatable. Treatment include specialized education and relapse prevention training to counter the mindset and constant environmental pull that perpetuate drug use. Through a comprehensive customized treatment program, many people have been able to successfully halt and recover from dependence and addiction to this and other drugs like it.


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