Opiate Addict Behavior to Recognize

Familiarizing Yourself with Opiate Addict Behavior

In order to help save someone's life, it is important to be able to identify opiate addict behavior. If you are suffering from opiate addiction, contact Drug Treatment Centers Orlando at 407-567-7210. The friendly staff can help you review your treatment options.

Opiate Background

The only substances which are true opiates are thebaine, codeine, and morphine. Opiates are medications that are extracted from opium which comes from the poppy plant. These medications produce the same effects as opioids and include the synthetic opioids oxycodone, oxymorphone, hydrocodone, heroin, and hydromorphone. Opioids also include the entirely synthetic medications tramadol, fentanyl, methadone, and tapentadol.

Opiates effects on the body have far reaching consequences. Some effects may be irreversible. Some are temporary but can be very uncomfortable. People who abuse opioids suffer from constipation and gastrointestinal bleeding.

Opiate Addict Behavior

When people are addicts, they may exhibit behavior that is frightening, baffling, and sad. The power of addiction is nothing to trifle with and many are overwhelmed and get sucked in. You may not know that drugs are behind the strange behavior someone you love is exhibiting lately. Familiarizing yourself with opiate addict behavior may help you recognize the signs.

The addicts who can function normally in their jobs and in society are few and far between. Stress will end up rearing its head in some fashion and normally, it is in the privacy of their own homes. Thus, family members are the first to come face to face with the ugly behavior.

  1. Addicts are master manipulators. This person is on a dangerous path. The obsession with opiates has a tight grip on them and they need the drug in order to function at this point. Withdrawal will occur if they stop using so they will manipulate whomever they need to in order to obtain drugs.

Family may try to convince the addict to get help. Classic opiate addict behavior will yield the same results every time. They will tell you, "I have it under control" or "I can stop anytime I want to" or "You are just jealous that I am having fun and you are not."

  1. The behavior of someone on opiates is sometimes predictable in that they will lie to everyone around them in order to get what they want. They may lie about where they are going or what they are buying because they will not tell you they went on a drug run. If they need drugs badly enough, they will lie to you.
  2. Blame shifting. Addicts are irresponsible. Where a person used to be responsible and respectable, addiction robs them of their quality as a person. Nothing is ever their fault. If they are fired, of course it is the boss' fault. If they crash their car – it was the other persons fault.
  3. Criminal Acts. Not every addict will engage in criminal activity but when someone has been addicted for a long time – the chances that they will engage in a criminal act go up. When these individuals fall into financial ruin, they may have to borrow money from various sources and cannot pay them back now.

They may become desperate and commit a crime. Usually, addicts will steal from those close to them. Remember that impaired driving is illegal and even though many engage in this practice – it is illegal.

If you are suffering from opiates effects on the body or from the behavior of someone on opiates, please call Drug Treatment Centers Orlando at 407-567-7210. The staff there can help you review your treatment options and locate a rehab facility that is best suited for you. Addiction need not rule your life, just ask for help and you will receive it.







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