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Understanding the Benefits of Orlando Alcohol Detox and Orlando Alcohol Rehab Centers

Florida residents and tourists alike tend to get used to being in the sunny and relaxing atmosphere that permeates throughout the state, but underneath that vacation-esque scenery is a very real, growing problem: alcoholism. When people talk about Orlando, one of the most magically cities in the United States, things like the beach, amusement parks, and restaurants aimed at attracting tourism are generally what come to mind, unfortunately many of these places are common drinking spots, alcohol vendors, or party atmospheres. While this is a great thing for tourism, and for people looking to have a good time, it can be difficult to navigate when you are struggling with alcohol addiction. In essence, triggers are everywhere, and Orlando Alcohol Detox can be one of the few places free of triggers and full of helpful staff when you're struggling with alcoholism.

Orlando Alcohol Detox and the Rise of Alcoholism in the Sunshine State

Alcoholism is a deadly disease, one that changes the priorities of the alcoholic, one that impairs decision-making and motor skills, and one that can destroy the lives of not just the alcohol, but the people around him or her. For example, in 2008 alone there were over one thousand fatal car accidents in which at least one driver had been drinking. That's potentially a thousand lives that could have been saved through the use Orlando alcohol rehab centers. That's not to say that residential drug and alcohol treatment centers are not be utilized. In fact, alcoholics make up nearly twenty six percent of all residential drug and alcohol treatment centers admission, followed closely by opioid addicts with a terrifying twenty three percent of admissions.

When we consider alcoholism, generally speaking, we picture older men or women who have been jaded by the hand dealt to them. Whether you see this as unfortunate or not, the statistics gained by Orlando's police department paint a very different picture. More than twenty three percent of all alcoholics and drug addicts in Orlando started abusing drugs and alcohol between the ages of twelve and fourteen. This is largely due to the seemingly relaxed stance on alcohol that a majority of Florida natives and tourists have, and the ease of access to alcohol and prescription medications in the state.

Our best advice when it comes to preventing drug and alcohol abuse within the family is education. Speak to your kids about alcoholism and drug addiction honestly and openly. Try to answer their questions and calm their curiosities through education rather than experimentation. No one wants their children to end up in Orlando alcohol rehab centers, but it's a real and ever present danger in Orlando's current climate.

How Can Orlando Alcohol Detox and Orlando Alcohol Rehab Centers Help People with Addictions?

Residential drug and alcohol treatment centers can be especially helpful for patients trying to separate themselves from their substance abuse. One of the hardest parts of sobriety is the initial quitting of the drug, and persevering through the withdrawal symptoms associated with drugs and alcohol. While some drugs have easier withdrawal symptoms than others, common substances of abuse, such as alcohol and opiates, have intense and potentially life threatening withdrawal symptoms such as: tremors, seizures, labored breathing, cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, and even strokes. That's where Orlando alcohol rehab centers step in. Through the use of medically supervised detoxes and prescriptions medications, withdrawal symptoms can be eased, risks can be lowered, and the overall process of detoxing can be made easier than ever.

Aside from detoxing, residential drug and alcohol treatment centers give patients the opportunity to learn about addiction, and how to gain and maintain sobriety, all without the presence of drugs and alcohol. This is a unique and extremely beneficial situation to be in, especially when you consider that the vast majority of relapses happen within the first ninety days of sobriety. So please, if you or someone you know is suffering from alcoholism, then it may be time to get in touch with one of the many Orlando alcohol detox centers near you.

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