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Many new synthetic drugs have entered the illicit drug market in the last decade. Among these drugs, the most dangerous are arguably those commonly known as bath salts, and a new form of bath salt called flakka is now growing in popularity. This dangerous drug poses a serious risk to public health and order, and its effects upon the user's mind and body can be catastrophic. Despite the great dangers associated with flakka use, however, it is possible to recover from dependency upon this highly addictive substance. Orlando flakka addiction treatment centers are ready to treat sufferers of drug abuse and dependence, including users of flakka and other new synthetic drugs.

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What is Flakka?

Flakka is a newly popular drug related to the bath salt, or cathinone, category of drugs. It is a street name for alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone, also known as alpha-PVP, a substance that increases the amount of dopamine and norepinephrine in the user's brain. In this sense, alpha-PVP has an effect similar to that of cocaine and other opiates.

The popularity of this drug may be due to its initially pleasurable effects. Flakka's release of extra dopamine in the user's brain causes a sense of intense euphoria. The other effects of flakka upon the user are far more dramatic, however. Some users of this drug enter a state called excited delirium, during which the user may experience paranoia and hallucinations. Instances of excited delirium brought on by flakka use have resulted in bizarre behavior, bouts of violence, and self-harm or even suicide on the part of the user.

Flakka also poses a danger to the bodily health of the user. Some users have suffered from cardiac arrest while under the influence, and kidney damage is common as a result of use. Death by overdose poses a great risk, especially to users who choose to vaporize flakka and inhale it. Despite the dangers associated with use, however, users find it extremely difficult to quit the drug because of its addictive qualities.

Treatment Options for Flakka Abusers

Rehab centers are well equipped to treat abusers. Patients are required to undergo a detox program, during which they are treated for the symptoms of withdrawal. Orlando relapse prevention, to be completed after initial treatment includes courses of drug treatment therapy and aftercare that can help the patient remain sober.

It might also be beneficial for him or her to attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting (http://orlandona.org/), in which addicts can share their experiences with like-minded people. Specialists at addiction rehab centers in Orlando are ready to help you fight back.

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